Message from 1st Precinct


 Theft From Motor Vehicle Is A Crime Of Opportunity

▪ While in the gym, going for a jog, at work or just stopping for dinner – safely store work and/or personal electronics, (especially ▪ laptop computers and briefcases) and other personal belongings (purse, wallet, and jewelry).

▪ PUT YOUR JUNK IN YOUR TRUNK before you arrive at your destination.

▪ Please, do not leave any of these items in the passenger compartment of your vehicle...EVER 

▪ Do not think you are fooling anyone by tucking your belongings under a seat, blanket, or a coat ▪ Do not leave valuables in the glove box or center storage. TAKE YOUR KEY FOB WITH YOU. 

▪ It takes a thief just a few seconds to break a window or manipulate a lock to steal your valuables.

▪ Even if YOU do not think it is worth much (loose change or a shopping bag) a thief sees an opportunity.

▪ Is it worth a broken window, damage to your vehicle or the insurance hassle?

Remove the temptation and reduce the opportunity

DO NOT leave ANY items in your vehicle Lock your doors; even in a secured parking garage – know where your key/FOB is at all times

Never leave your vehicle “warming up” with the keys in the ignition – it IS illegal; thieves will view a running car as a personal invitation

Park in well lit, well traveled areas

Keep an electronics inventory list with serial numbers in a safe location (not stored in any electronic devices). Your smart phone has its own fingerprint called an IMEI. Locate the IMEI in your “settings” Snap a picture of it, then send it to your email; keep a copy of the screen photo with your inventory list. Recovered items will not be returned to you without proper documentation and a corresponding police report.

FILE A POLICE REPORT - Call 911 if the thief has left behind evidence or call 311 or go to to file a theft report

PLEASE remember, Theft from Motor Vehicle is the crime of opportunity – DO NOT provide the opportunity


For questions, contact:

Renee Allen, Crime Prevention Specialist
Minneapolis Police Department, First Precinct

Theft From Motor Vehicle Flyer