The Waite Park Community Council (WPCC) is the neighborhood organization for Waite Park. As a neighborhood organization, our job is to organize, represent, and provide programs and services for our neighbors. In order to do that well, we need to know what kind of community our neighbors want to build together and what kinds of programs and services our neighbors want most.


WPCC is planning a year-long needs assessment to be carried out through 2019. In addition to offering an online survey, we'll be conducting door-knocks throughout the neighborhood this spring. We will also be coordinating block group discussions about the future of our neighborhood to take place this summer. Our goal throughout this process is to develop an understanding of what kind of community our neighbors want to live in so that we can develop programs to support our neighbors' vision.


Please return to this website for more details on how you can be involved. If you would like to be involved please return to the above tool bar and click on “Get Involved,” and then “Sign Up.” A board member will get back to and respond to your questions or interest. We will share announcements here, through Facebook, and through our mailed newsletter, The Voice. We look forward to hearing from you.